What Is An Admin?

An admin is short for "administrator". Admins are users that help run the Wikia and make sure there is no trouble. They basically own the Wikia, and you can go to them when you need help, have an idea, or are having problems with other users. Admins are online a lot, and contribute majorly to the Wikia.

What Can Admins Help Me With?

Admins, being the runners of the Wikia, can help you with many different issues. They are also the people you come to with your ideas and thoughts. Here are some things the Admins can help you with:

  • Help on editing
  • Issues with other users
  • If you have ideas
  • Major editing
  • If you have constructive critizism
  • If there is anything that needs to be added/deleted
  • If there are any mistakes/major mistakes

How Can I Become an Admin?

The only way you can become an Admin is if another Admin promotes you. Do not ask to be an Admin, because that is violating the Wiki Rules. Admins are chosen based on:

  • How much they edit
  • How good their edits are
  • How good their grammar is
  • How accurate the information they post is
  • How nice they are to other users
  • If they follow the Wiki Rules

Who Are The Admins?

Fabinaforever - bureaucrat, sysop, admin

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Other Users

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