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About Alfie LewisEdit

"Thank goodness for Alfie. The secrets of Anubis can get pretty serious, so thankfully Alfie is always there to lighten things up. Now if only he were better at picking friends... His closest classmate Jerome is constantly tripping him up with practical jokes, and his longtime crush Amber doesn't even know he exists! Somehow it doesn't seem to bother Alfie, who can always find something funny about Anubis House. For now."

-Nickelodeon: House of Anubis

Alfie is a practical jokester. He is best friends with Jerome, another prankster, but that doesn't mean he can't be funny or happy all of the time. He gets the shock of his life- literally- by going down into the cellar and seeing the Secret Society perform their ancient rituals. He also joins Sibuna, and when he finds that Jerome is siding with Rufus, he gets very angry and scared of what will happen to Jerome. Alfie also likes Amber. It is not hinted until the Season 1 Finale that Amber may like him back.

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Nina MartinEdit

Alfie and Nina don't have a major relationship. They're just friends, and became closer when Alfie joined Sibuna. Nina was also concerned when she accidentally gave Alfie the elixir.

Fabian RutterEdit


These two aren't really major friends, either. They are closer because of the Sibuna club.

Jerome ClarkEdit

Jerome is Alfie's best friend. They both play pranks on people. But although he is Jerome's best friend, that doesn't mean Jerome is always nice to him. He can be a little hard on Alfie sometimes, and plays pranks on him as well.

Mara JaffrayEdit

These two hardly interact, except for when Alfie plays a prank on her or he does something disgusting.

Amber MillingtonEdit

Alfie has a crush on Amber, but Amber likes Mick. At the prom, the two go together, and it is hinted at that she may like him back, but it is not completely confirmed.

Patricia WilliamsonEdit

The two get along very well and are nice to each other. When Patricia has nightmares, Alfie comforts her. The two seem to share similar problems.

Mick CampbellEdit

Besides switching his clothes to girl clothes, Alfie doesn't interact with Mick that much. He may also have been jealous of him when he was going out with Amber.

Joy MercerEdit

There is hardly any info of each other's relationships except that they may have been friends in the past before Joy disappeared.