Ankh PiecesEdit

The Ankh Pieces are the pieces of the Cup of Ankh. The group called them the Puzzle Pieces at first because they had no idea that the seven pieces were the seven pieces that could only be put together by the Chosen One to form the Cup of Ankh. Nina Martin had to put together all of the pieces in the chosen hour. She found out while reading a book called Unlock The Eye, which Fabian's uncle let her and Fabian borrow. It said Anubis got so angry at Amniris he smote the cup seven times breaking it into seven pieces. The book then had a picture of the seven puzzle pieces that looked exactly like the ones they owned. The pieces were found by the Sibuna Club in several hidden locations in Anubis House. The club found riddles and deciphered them to find the next location of the next piece. In the last episode Nina put together the Ankh pieces proving that she was the chosen one.

The First AnkhEdit

Location : Inside a box hidden in the attic along with the cylinders. The box can be opened with the key Nina and Fabian found under the stairs

Riddle : "When daytime ends at midday through tears of glass the eye shall see

Apperance : It is a Combination Box that is shaped like a hexagon with different hieroglyphics on it

Sibuna once thought they needed to put in the correct combination to open it but Fabian accidently droped it and then Nina pulled it apart revealing the riddle

The Second AnkhEdit

Location : Inside a panel in the main entry hall of Anubis House. Sibuna had to restore the chandelier and when the sun shone through the stain glass window and focused on the light bulbs the chandelier glowed green then sent light to the panel where Nina opened it with her locket

Riddle : "Ket is the place to find and there in the flames you must look behind"

Appearance : It's a small staff-like stick that is very colorful. In the middle it's skinny anf fatter on the ends

When Nina found it she told Fabian that it might open. then she told him to try to open it for her and he pulled the jewel off the top and revealing the riddle

The Third AnkhEdit

Location: In the cellar on a hook. Sibuna discovered a secret passage to the cellar in the kitchen that is opened with Nina's locket. Down in the cellar they found the third ankh piece.

Riddle: No riddle, but the piece did have "1922" written on it. The mummy sarcophagus in anubis house's entrance hall also had "1922" on it. In a secret panel on the sarcophagus Sibuna find the next riddle.

Appearance: It's in the shape of a ring with the number "1922" on it.

The number "1922" on it led Sibuna to the mummy sarcophagus which also had "1922."54