The History of Anubis HouseEdit

It was originally built in 1890, but was actually named Anubis House in 1922. Sarah Frobisher-Smythe and her parents lived here along with Victor and his father, until Sarah's parents died in a terrible accident after visiting
  • Anubis House at night.
  • Nina unlocking a passage in the attic.
  • Anubis House during the day.
  • The founding of a boarding school on Anubis House.
King Tut's tomb, and supposedly stole an artifact. After they died, they passed the house on to Victor, who became Sarah's guardian. They had said they hid the artifact in the house, and Victor and his father tried to force Sarah to tell them where it was. Victor's dad even forced him to find out where it was or he would send him to the orphanage. Sarah told them she would never tell where it was, but it was later revealed that she never knew.

What Is Anubis House Today?Edit

Anubis House is one of the boarding houses at England's most exclusive boarding school. Trudy is the house mother, and states that this house is the nicest one, dispite Victor. Eight students board at this house. It has four floors, including the attic and the cellar. Both of these places were proclaimed off-limits by Victor, but this rule was broken when Patricia locked Nina up in the attic until she told her something about Joy's disappearance. The house's mysteries were still hidden in the house, later to be discovered by the Sibuna Club. Sarah makes her final visit to the house, and passes away later the same day she did so. The lady at the nursing home said she seemed to be "at peace".




  • Victor's father
  • Sarah's parents