What's So Special About the Attic?Edit

The attic was declared off-limits by Victor, but that doesn't stop Nina from going up there. The attic has lots of

Nina opening a panel in the attic with her locket.

secrets from Sarah's past, and many things to open using Nina's locket. Victor probably didn't want the students to go up there because they may find clues about Sarah's past.

What Goes on Up There?Edit

Victor has both keys, but Nina can get in by using one of her bobby pins. Up in the attic, there are many clues about the conspiracy of Anubis House. Fabian and Nina go up there and find wax cylinders, play them, and discover Sarah's voice on them. They also find secret passage ways that can be opened only by Nina's locket, and a painting of Sarah as a child that has a clue on the back written in hieroglyphics. The attic was the basis for the mystery, begining when Patricia locks Nina up there until she tells her something about Joy's disappearance. The Sibuna Club has also used a secret panel in the attic to keep the puzzle pieces safe, until Victor breaks down the panel searching for them.