What's So Special About the Cellar?Edit

The cellar, like the attic, is also declared off-limits by Victor. The Sibuna Club has broken this rule and snuck
Victor Rodenmaar

Victor and the Secret Society in the cellar.

down into the cellar by using Nina's locket. The Secret Society also conducts their meetings down here, and Victor stores all of his scientific concoctions down here. Victor also stuffs his animals in the cellar.

What Goes On Down There?Edit

The Sibuna Club often sneaks down there in search of the Elixir of Life. Victor also stuffs his animals and keeps all of his potions down there. The Secret Society conducts meetings in the cellar, and Joy has tried to assemble the Cup of Ankh down in the cellar, but fails. Nina ends up being the true Chosen One and assembles the cup in the cellar. The Sibuna Club also tries to trap Rufus Zino down there. Alfie has also accidentally been locked in the cellar by Jerome.