How is it Made?Edit

Victor's father originally made it, but never gave him the recipe. So they MUST be careful of who drinks it. Because if it is in the wrong hands then all of it will be gone forever.Also in the new season Victor stated that Frobisher created the elixir and he held on to it and drank it a few times causing him to look like how he is now

How Does it Work?Edit

It is said to give the person who drinks it eternal life, but only when drank out of the Cup of Ankh, which must be assembled by the Chosen One. But in order to give the drinker enternal life, one of the seven acolytes must die. The Cup Of Ankh has seven pices to it. At first Sibuna does not know what to do with it.

Appearance in Season 1Edit

In season one, the Elixir of Life is found in the cellar by the Sibuna Club. Victor drinks it during his meetings with

Patricia pouring the elixir into a bottle.

the Secret Society. Soon, the elixir is accidentally fed to Alfie, when Patricia had hidden it in a bottle. It has no effect, as it was not drank out of the Cup of Ankh. In the season finale, Rufus drinks the elixir out of the Cup, gaining eternal life, but he does not know that the one that he drank was fake, and Fabian threw away the real elixir.