What Are HTML Codes?Edit

HTML Codes are codes that you can use to make or change certain things, such as:

  • Change the color of text
  • Change the font of text
  • Change the size of text
  • Change the color of things
  • Change the size of things
  • And many more!

They may first come across as complicated and boring, but they are easy to get the hang of, and they make things a whole lot easier!

What Are Some HTML Codes I Can Use?Edit

There are many different codes used one this Wikia, and you can test them by going to this Real-Time HTML Editor. There are also HTML Codes for colors, which you can see by going here. HTML Codes are oftenly used to make a Userbox, and to get the code for it, go to Template:Fabinalover and press "Edit". Do not actually edit the userbox, but feel free to copy & paste it and edit whatever you want.

Here is a photo of the code:


Here are some frequent text HTML Codes, but make sure you take out all the spaces!

< / p > - starts a new paragraph.

< h 3 > - starts a new paragraph heading.

< FONT COLOR ="Color" > text text text text text < / FONT > - this changes the color of the text. Replace "Color" with whatever HTML color code you want, and replace "text text text text text" with whatever text you want.