House of Discovery/House of Hyper Edit

Victor puts a fake feather in beetween the cracks of the door so that he will know if any one opens the door to the attic he will know. In the morning Patricia was making fun of Victor falling and hurting his leg. Then Victor comes into the room and accused the children for making the board loose (they actualy did do it ) . Later, when Fabian and Nina go to school, Fabian suggests that they don't go to the attic for a while. Meanwhile Mara and Patricia go in to the bathroom to talk about Amber making up with Mick, and Mara admits that she likes Mick. Little do they know, Amber overhears them by hiding in a bathroom stall. Patricia later (with Mara) goes through Nina's stuff. Patricia looks at Nina's diary wich includes an entry about Patricia being the meanist person she ever met and Fabian being sweet (and geek-chic). Nina comes in and tells them that Amber and Mick's party has started. Patricia said that they were just getting to that and she and Mara leave to the party. Nina and Fabian were at the party when Nina decides to go into the attic, so they sneak off. Meanwhile, Alfie wants to ask a girl to the dance but Jerome gives him fake advice to say a pick-up line. Alfie goes and talks to the girl with fake vampire teeth on. He ends up being slapped so hard that his fake vampire teeth came out of his mouth and land in Patricia's lap. Jerome asks what he said to her and her Alfie says he asked her "Fancy a bite?" In the kitchen, Mara was helping set out more dips when Mick comes into the room. Mara and Mick talk for a while, and Mara feeds him one of the chips. Then Amber comes in and sees what they're doing. Amber tells Mara "get your paws of my boyfriend". Now, Nina and Fabian go into the attic. Nina unlocks the chest with the key that was under the 8th step and finds the first clue in the box along with odd cylinders. Fabian suggests to go to his uncle because he works with antiques.