Nina Martin gets dropped off at the train station. She is on a scholarship to Anubis House, part of the best boarding school in England. A taxi pulls up and takes her to the house. On the way there, her phone beeps. The driver asks him if it was her parents, but she explains to him how her parents died in a car accident when she was little, so she was brought up by her Gran.

Meanwhile, Patricia, phone in hand, asks her best friend Joy to keep backing up until she trips over Fabian. She snaps photos of them while exclaiming "Now that's my new profile photo!".

Nina steps out of the taxi mesmerized, so she doesn't see the driver taking her suitcases away. When she finally realizes that he's gone, she runs after him. While running by Nina runs into Patricia. She quickly says "I'm so sorry!" and keeps running. After Nina disappears, Patricia asks "Who's the American?". Fabian stops and stares at the car, while Patricia and Joy keep walking.

Nina catches up to the driver and tips him, then walks up to the front door of Anubis House. She reaches out to twist the doorknob, but the door swings open eerily, and shuts behind her when she walks in. She turns to look at the door, and turns back around. Victor is suddenly standing in front of her, and he says "You're late."