About Jade RamseyEdit

Jade Ramsey was born February 10th, 1988 in England, so she is currently 23.
She is 5" 1' and has a twin sister named Nikita Ramsey. Her nickname is "Brit Twin" and she thinks of herself as athletic. Her astrological sign is Aquarius and she is Roman Catholic. Jade became famous after she starred in "Movie Mob" as "Brit Twin", where she got her nickname. Her first professional acting job was in "X-Men 2", where she played as twin "X-Kid". She is currently starring in the hit Nickelodeon show, House of Anubis.


Year Title Role
2003 X-Men 2 Twin X-Kid
2004 Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Twin #2
2005 Criss Angel Mindfreak Actress
2005 Criss Angel Mindfreak Actress
2006 The Man Who Sold the World Tapoge
2006 Even Money Crazy Fan
2007 On the Lot Actress
2007 Mad Men Auditioning Twin #1
2007 Mystery ER Teen Student 2007
2011 House of Anubis Patricia Williamson