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Jason Winkler is the very handsome drama teacher. He was the only one to believe Patricia's story about Joy's disappearance and he wasn't a part of the society, and found Joy's cell phone in the trash can. He also found the original picture of all the students before Joy was removed from it. He was very determined to help Patricia he went to Mr Sweet who told him to talk to Victor. He went to Victor's office and came out brainwashed. Now he is a member of the teacher's ancient society. In the final episode he seemed more concerned about the student's safety than the rest of the society was. He was going to take Mrs. Robinson to the prom, until Rufus showed up and kidnapped the children, Mrs Robinson dumped him. He was the seventh member of the society. When they all realized that they wouldn't be able to make the cup because they didn't have the chosen one, he ran to help the children. He was then captured along with the children.