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"Yawn. Straight-edge Mara is totally predictable. She might be the one girl you can actually trust. Or is it an act? Here are the facts: Mara's an A student, loyal and super sweet. But this shy beauty has major underdog appeal, and Mick has definitely noticed! Yeah, Amber's Mick. Do I sense a love triangle happening? Maybe this girl is worth watching..."

Nickelodeon: House of Anubis

Mara- the smart one. She used to be Amber's roommate, but they fought over Mick and Amber switched rooms with Patricia. She is a very compassionate, sensitive, and shy girl, who is not the best at making conversation. Mara is currently Mick's girlfriend, and they have a very complicated relationship. She helped Mick practice for his tryouts to get a scholarship, but he never did. She is also currently oblivious to the Sibuna Club and Anubis House's conspiracy.

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Nina MartinEdit

She was nice to Nina when she first arrived at Anubis House, but the two aren't close at all.

Fabian RutterEdit

These two are friends, but don't talk much.

Patricia WilliamsonEdit

Patricia and Mara eventually end up as roommates, and become good friends. When Mara has problems with Mick, Patricia helps her. Mara also helped Patricia by stalling Mr. Sweet while Patricia stole Joy's file folder.

Amber MillingtonEdit

Mara and Amber were best friends, and roommates, until Mara began showing signs of liking Mick. Mara had always hid this from Amber because she was her friend, but now the two are the exact opposite. When Mara told Patricia she liked Mick and Amber found out, the two instantly began a rivalry. Now they are no longer roommates, and Amber oftenly gets jealous of Mara and Mick.

Jerome ClarkEdit

Jerome and mara in house of anubis

Mara finds Jerome funny, and a bit juvenile. Jerome stalks her and Patricia in the girl's toilets and discovers that Mara likes Mick. He blackmails her into doing his chores or he'll tell Mick. Soon, the two get along and he helps Mara with her campaign for school rep.

Alfie LewisEdit

Mara finds Alfie funny, but they aren't friends.

Mick CampbellEdit

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Mara helped Mick with his training and his biology homework, all while hiding the fact that she liked him. He gave her a bracelet, the same one he gave Amber, and that's what made Amber blow her top. Currently, Mick and Mara are in a relationship.

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