Mick Campbell

About Mick CampbellEdit

"With good looks and charm to spare, Mick has poor Amber wrapped around his little finger. Sigh. He seems like a good guy, but I've noticed him giving the eye to Mara lately. Could all this flirting be a ruse to hide what he's really up to? Keep an eye on this guy..."

Nickelodeon: House of Anubis

Mick is athletic. Mick is cute. But he's not too smart. Being the ex-boyfriend of Amber and the current boyfriend of Mara, you would think he would no the do's and don'ts of being a boyfriend, but he's still got a lot to learn. Mara was his tutor and training partner for his scholarship, which he lies about so she won't get mad at him. Amber is jealous of Mara for being his girlfriend, and they've gotten into physical fights over him. It also seems that Jerome is jealous of him. Mick is currently roommates with Fabian.

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Nina MartinEdit

These two barely even talk during the entire season one, except for when Fabian and Alfie are down in the cellar and she distracts him.

Fabian RutterEdit

Fabian is Mick's roommate, and Mick oftenly asks Fabian for help with his problems with Amber. When Mick is learning how to dance, he watches Fabian and says "No, dude, you're doing it wrong.", and they dance together, unaware that everyone is watching.

Patricia WilliamsonEdit

They get along fine, but barely speak.

Amber MillingtonEdit

Amber is Mick's ex-girlfriend, and he gave Mara the same bracelet as he gave her. Amber is jealous of him and Mara. They used to be fine, until Amber joined the Sibuna Club and skipped one-too-many dates. Mick also gives Amber a conch shell, which she doesn't seem happy with until he tells her he "almost died" to get it.

Jerome ClarkEdit

Mick and Jerome get along some times. Unfortunately, Mick is gullible, and usually falls victim to Jerome's schemes. Jerome gets jealous of Mara and Mick and tries to make them break up, unsuccessfully.

Alfie LewisEdit

They were friends until Amber kissed Alfie, making Mick jealous. Mick slammed Alfie to the ground in anger, and Amber thought he was actually "hurt". But since Mick is dating Mara, the two are friends.

Mara JaffrayEdit

Mara and mick kissing

Mara helped Mick with his homework, and that's what started the love triangle. Soon, she began revealing that she fancied Mick, which made Amber extremely protective over Mick. He gives Mara the same bracelet as he gave Amber, which makes the two girls hate each other. Mara is really the reason why Amber and Mick broke up. Later on, she helps him with his training and they kiss. They are currently in a relationship.

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