"You little fool."

Is he the good guy, or the bad guy? Victor says Rufus was "the Betrayer", and he locks Patricia in a warehouse. Who's side is he on- or is he working for himself? What is his goal?

Rufus is a minor character, and he has a connection to Sarah. He claimed to be a "private investigator", but Victor says he was the "Betrayer". Rufus was supposedly helping Patricia find Joy, but eventually locks her in a warehouse. When he hears Nina and Amber outside the warehouse, he takes Patricia and locks Nina and Amber in the warehouse instead. He also was in the audience during Nina 's play and tried to grab Joy while she was running by. His intentions are never clear, and he insists on being called "Rene". The teachers learn about him coming back when Mrs.Andrews confiscates Patricia's cell phone and sees a text from him.

Finale AppearancesEdit


In the season finale, he traps all of the Sibuna Club members and Mr. Winkler in a classroom, demanding they give him the Ankh Pieces or he will break an hourglass containing highly poisionous sandflies. He eventually lets Mr. Winkler go, but keeps the kids until they tell him where they put the Ankh Pieces. Patricia gets a text from Joy, and he demands she calls her back and tell her to meet her in the classroom where they are trapped when he discovers that Joy has the Ankh Pieces. Rufus also remembers that Nina's name was in the cellar on the scales, so he grabs her and tries to force her out of the room, but Fabian tackles Rufus and Nina gets away. All of the kids escape and Jerome throws the hourglass at him, and the sandflies attack him. When the kids go to the cellar for Nina to assemble the Cup of Ankh, he appears, covered in boils, claiming that he has the antidote to the sandflies' sting. He grabs Amber and threatens to put the queen sandfly in her ear unless they give him the elixir and the cup. The kids give them to him, and he pours the elixir in the cup and drinks it, thinking he became immortal. Alfie pretends to "die", making Rufus think he won. Victor hears what's going on and sees what has happened, but Rufus had already commanded Nina to put the cup in a furnace. Rufus makes a mad dash up the stairs and out of Anubis House, never to be seen again for the rest of the show- and not knowing that the "elixir" he drank was a fake that Fabian had taken out of the cellar.