About Sarah Frobisher-SmytheEdit


Sarah's locket.

Sarah used to live in Anubis House, and was found wandering around by Nina. She was friends with Rufus and Victor at one point, but she claimed that they betrayed her. She owned the locket shaped like the Eye of Horus before she gave it to Nina, and claimed she was "the one". The name she goes by in the nursing home is "Emily Grant", and no one there knows much about her background. They also think she is not entirely sane. When Nina takes Fabian to meet her, she gets scared and tells Nina to hide the locket. When Nina takes Amber to visit Sarah, she is completely fine. Her parents were thought to have stolen treasure from King Tut's tomb, and they died from the curse of Anubis. Sarah never knew where the treasure was hidden, and Victor tried to force her to tell him by inviting her to Anubis House. After the visit to Anubis House, she was finally at peace, and she passed away later that day. She tells the lady at the nursing home to give Nina a small box filled with important clues but the lady doesn't know what's inside. Nina and Victor went to her funeral, and Rufus shows up too. He rumages through her things looking for clues, and him and Victor get into a fight- not knowing that Nina is listening in. The lady from the nursing home comes in and gets angry that they have ruined all of her things. Nina often has dreams about Sarah, and she tells her clues. When Nina puts together the Cup of Ankh, Sarah's ghost comes to her and says the curse over her family is broken, and her and her parents can finally rest in peace.